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Plan for a Stress-Free First Week in Your New Home

As if the moving day itself will not be stressful enough, you will still need to adjust to your new place in the first few days. Moving home is one of the major changes that anyone can experience and you can minimise the stress that you may encounter by planning ahead.


  • Organise a party in your new place


It doesn't have to be a huge celebration. A small dinner with your old friends or an afternoon barbecue party with your new-found neighbours will do. To give you more time to plan for this event, consider hiring a removals company so you won't have to worry about the packing and moving tasks on the big day. You can checkout the Excalibur Removals customer testimonials to know of a company you can count on.


  • Familiarise your new neighbourhood


Feel at ease in your new place as soon as possible by walking or driving around. Consider visiting your new home a day or two before the scheduled move so you can get to meet a few acquaintances. You might also want to note some important establishments like the nearest chemists, clinics, diners and shopping centres.


  • Discard unused stuff from your old place


A big part of the stress when moving house can be attributed to sorting through everything and deciding whether to bring each one to your new place. Realizing that you don't have a place for everything in your new home and ending up with huge clutter is another stressful matter. So aim to have a fresh start and consider discarding unused items by donating, selling, throwing them away or giving them to friends.


  • Give your new home a personalised look as soon as possible


Don't feel like a stranger in your new home. Put up a few family photos on the wall, your favourite curtains or anything that will turn your place that reflects your personality even before you unpack all the boxes.


  • Let the experts do the hard tasks


Even if you're a DIY enthusiast, give yourself the chance to relax and unwind by entrusting any necessary repairs and cleaning in your new house to the experienced plumbers, electricians, gardeners and house cleaners. And most importantly, don't forget to hire a qualified, well-trained removals team to enjoy a hassle-free moving day. You can contact Excalibur today to know your options.

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